Getting started with Programming

Om Mule
4 min readDec 23, 2020

Programming is all about : Logic, Creative thinking and Syntax rules.

As an interested learner with the interest for learning different programming languages, the common question which arises is :

Which programming language to start with ??

Among the many programming languages that are present today; the leading programming languages that are used in many of the useful applications are surely:

  1. Python
  2. Java Script
  3. C++
  4. Java

(Note: The above numbering isn’t the order of importance of the programming languages)

Which programming language to start with?

C :

C is the most basic programming language. The scope of C is still present but has decreased from the time when C++ entered the competition. But still learning C language will surely help you to understand some basic syntax rules of programming. So its highly recommended to start with C.



Surely I feel that C++ is the programming language that one must start after learning C.


Surely C++ is not the easiest programming language. The reason behind suggesting to start with C++ is:

  1. It will help you to develop logic.
  2. Most of the syntax rules of C++ are also common to JAVA.
  3. C++ has an edge over C because of the very important concept of Object Oriented Programming that was not a part of C language.
  4. Also C++ is one of the fastest language( in terms of execution time).

Origin and features:

C++ was developed by Danish computer scientist Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs since 1979. C++ is basically an extension of C programming language which is the most basic programming language. The main difference between both the programming languages is: “ The presence of classes”. Introduction of OOP(Object Oriented Programming) is the main difference between these two programming languages.



Python is a recently developed programming language which was developed by Guido van Rossum. Once you have finished with C++, you can start with Python. Now, the reason I suggested to start C++ first, was that; Python will feel much easier to you once you have learnt C++. Python is one of the easiest programming languages today but also the most important one, with a high scope.

Libraries are essential !!

Python has become so important now a days because of the various libraries that are available. Many inbuilt functions are available freely that help programmers to implement them directly and saves their time.


Python has achieved so much importance in the field of Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Visualization, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and many more……

So its highly recommended to learn Python atleast the basic rules of this wonderful programming language.


Java is yet another powerful programming language that you must learn. It has been and always will be a powerful tool for programmers.


Java has been important in the fields like FX applications, web applications, Backend etc. Basically you can make things work with Java but java is comparatively difficult syntax wise as compared to Python. But if you have completed C++ first then that will surely help you because most of the things are common between these 2 programming languages.

Java is also one of the fast programming languages.


There are many programming languages other than these like R , Javascript etc. which are equally important but they can be learnt after getting some knowledge of the above suggested ones.

Where should I learn programming from ?

There are many online platforms to learn programming languages. To start with the basic rules and topics; the main online resources are W3Schools, Sololearn and many more. Also you can refer to some online courses for the same but try to get some free ones first instead of paying for them. Take a step by step approach for learning and give it time through practice to perfect the various syntax rules. Once you are done with the rules then go for practice.

Practice makes you perfect !

Once you are done with the syntax rules, you can practice your skills on various competitive coding websites like : Hackerrank,Codechef,Hackerearth and many more.

Also the community plays an important role for learning the programming languages and the official documentation. Also various websites like Geeks for Geeks, Stack Overflow are real lifesavers in a situation when you are stuck on any problem.

“ Just always keep on practicing hard and never give up. The most important thing is to develop the logic that is required to solve a problem and not the rules of any particular language. If you have some logic for solving a given problem then you can surely and easily grasp any programming language and master it quickly. Happy Programming !!